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Should you wish to take part in the coaching programme, you will be under the guidance of our local team at the Merwe Genis Krieket Skool. This is a well run and long established organisation that is the largest private cricket coaching school in the Western Cape. There are opportunities to coach each week in Schools, Clubs, Rural Clinics and Township Projects within the Boland Province.


The main focus of the cricket projects whether in traditional schools or in less formal sessions located in deprived areas, is to give youngsters the chance to play the game in a fun and structured environment, building friendships and developing skills in sport and in life.

GAP Experience : Coach Development

No formal coaching qualifications or experience is required, but be assured your input will offer something positive to the children and the projects you work on. Volunteers from the Cape Cricket programme will also be paid in local currency for 6-10 hrs coaching per week.


Getting involved in the cricket coaching will mean you will be run and supervise training and matches for young players. This may sound daunting but you will soon realise that you have an understanding of cricket that these youngsters are desperate to acquire. The rewards are great because the kids are enthusiastic, and keen to experience formal coaching and playing in a team structure.

To find out more or to register your interest, contact Cape Cricket

on 01832 281461 or via the online form on our Contact Page 


Although most of your time will be spent coaching on your town-based project, depending on when you travel, you will be encouraged to take part in sports camps organised weekly in the rural villages and small towns such as Ceres and Malmsbury. Holiday courses in Mossel Bay are also arranged so some coaches may travel & see some of the countryside.

In recent years Merwe Genis has developed a Cricket School at Mbekweni, a local township. In contrast to some of the locations that you will coach at, the facilities are minimal reflecting the deprived area. One thing is for sure, you can be assured of over a hundred smiling children's faces at each session and a keenness to take part and learn that is truly humbling.

Rural & Township Coaching