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The 10 week programme provides opportunity to take in more of the real SA cricket experience.


Daily mid-week sessions at the outdoor centre, more face to face instruction, sessions with ex-internationals and a half season placement playing club cricket.


Cost : £3,750

The Packages

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Intermediate Academy

10 WEEKS  :  Oct - Dec  or  Jan - March

Full academy positions provide the total experience for any young player. Face to face sessions with our experienced academy coaches.


Extra sessions with ex-internationals on all aspects of the game. A full season playing club cricket in the Boland /Cape Town leagues and a fitness programme including regular fitness assessments at Stellenbosch Rugby Academy.


Cost : £7,500

Full Academy

20 WEEKS  :  Oct - Dec  and  Jan - March

Price DOES NOT Include

• Flights - your return flights to Cape Town

• Personal  Travel  Insurance - around £100

 ( we recommend long stay travel insurance for 6 months )

• Evening Meals and Lunch on Saturdays & Sundays

  when playing cricket for their clubs. Food & drink

  budget of £5 to £10 per day should be adequate.  

• Players will need to have enough money with them to

  enjoy themselves should they wish to do some

  touring around whilst in SA plus extra leisure

  activities over the 6 week Christmas and New Year

  holiday period.

Transport Included

• Airport transfers - pick up from Cape Town

  International Airport

• Full travel from Cape Town to Stellenbosch


Clothing Included

Full branded Cape Cricket training kit will be issued to each student to include:

• Training t-shirts

• Training shorts

• Training caps

• Polo Shirt

• Sweat Shirt

To find out more or to register your interest, contact Cape Cricket

on 01832 281461 or via the online form on our Contact Page